Hey guys, i have this idea inspired by fartlek running training sessions of Kenyan runners where everyone is allowed to join even olympic athletes. I am not that fast but still i will challenge many riders in Helsinki, and together we can go faster.
- every saturday 8am, we meet on top of the MalminkartanoHuippu, and ride 3 hours uphill intervals untill 11am
- the pace is set up by the fastest racer, it is a long interval training, suitable for all level riders, but you have to be prepared to ride hard
- it is of course free of charge, just make a good company
- you can join and quite any time during these 3hours
- you do not have to register or send messages, just show up on the top of the hill and find a group

First time we meet 03.02.2018.

Bottom line:
Uphills is where i am among fastest riders in Russia(including professiona athletes) and i believe among best in Finland, ask Henri Ojala if you do not believe
Basically I offer you to simply follow me on the dayly routine rides in the difficult winter cycling preparation times. You can have all-out 3h training session or just come for 30min spin, and I will certanly benefit my own way as this will make me practice without any excuses, at least on saturdays : )

In future i will add up 1 more strength training session per week on a 40 cadence over same hill and probably some plyometrics in the local Fitness24/7 gym, depending on the popularity of the events.

So if you want free "coaching", come and join me, always welcome!