Näytä tavallinen näkymä : #EWDR: Espoo Weekly Drop Ride, Tuesdays at 18:00 from Bembölen Kahvitupa

15.08.2016, 10.43
Hi all,
last week we started a weekly reliable ride (i.e. somebody commits to always showing up), happening every Thursday at 18:00 and starting from Bembölen Kahvitupa.

This is a drop ride, meaning that the pace is very high and the group does not wait for people who drop because of fatigue or mechanical problem (we only stop in case of crashes, obviously).

What follows is the official Ride Protocol as found on the Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/308344789554884/):

The EWDR (Espoo Weekly Drop Ride) is an initiative and a commitment to offer a weekly fast paced group ride in the area west of Espoo. The idea was heavily inspired by the HePo organized Wednesday rides.

The route
The starting time and place are Thursdays at 18:00 at Bembölen Kahvitupa, a well known meeting point for cyclists in the area. Please be there 15 minutes before that because the ride will leave sharp on time. The A group will leave at 18:00, and subsequent groups will leave at 2 minute intervals. After a short warm-up, the ride proper will begin at the intersection between Nupurintie and Gumbölentie. The imaginary start line is on the pedestrian crossing, and it’s a rolling start, meaning no stopping. We will head towards Veikkola and turn South at the first roundabout. We will turn right onto Österbyntie, then right onto Volsintie, then right onto Evitskogintie, then right onto Läpinkyläntie. Please note that this means that a section of Läpinkyläntie is ridden twice. The ride will reach the end at the crest of the hill in Vanha Läpinkyläntie. We will regroup right before the intersection with Läpinkyläntie, after which those who choose so may cool-down together back towards Bemböle.

The route was designed to minimize traffic issues (left-turns, turns with poor visibility, stop signs...) and with safety as a priority. A secondary concern was of course making it fun! That’s why it includes some hilly sections and an uphill finish.

The ride is 43.1 km long, excluding warm-up and cool-down.
Here’s a link to the route on Strava: https://www.strava.com/routes/57338... (https://www.strava.com/routes/5733834).
And here's a link the Strava segment: https://www.strava.com/segments/12873782

A GPX file can be found in the Files section of this Facebook Group.

The protocol
According to how many riders show up, and who they are, there will be a maximum of three group, graded A, B, and C. Their respective average speeds are estimated to be in the neighborhood of 40, 37 and 34 km/h.

This is a drop ride, that means that the group will not wait for you if you have a mechanical issue or are unable to sustain the pace. The group will however stop in case of crashes.

You are supposed to be familiar with the route and the area, have your own tools and spares to fix your bike, and be able to go back home on your own.

This is not an unofficial race, but the fitness demands are similar. But while there are no winners, it is competitive in nature, so things are expected to get hot near the end.

The most important thing is to be safe and have fun!

I welcome everyone to join, we will go on until there's enough light, so the preliminary end date for the season is Thursday September 29th.
Please be at the meeting point at 17:45 so there is time for formalities.

If you want to be up to date with the development of the project, please request to join the Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/308344789554884/) though I will do my best to post here as well.

Thanks for reading!
-- Salva

18.08.2016, 14.33
Ensimmäinen EWDR todisti että tämä on todella hyvä konsepti. Ajetaan kovaa, mutta laadukkaasti kimpassa. Mitään tarkoituksenmukaista tiputtamista ei harrastettu vasta kuin loppusuoralla jolloin ne jotka niin haluavat voivat kiritellä maalimäen päälle. Minun mielestä reitti on onnistuneesti räätälöity ja koko juttu yllättävän hyvin toimiva sapluuna VK lenkille.

03.05.2017, 09.22
EWDR-kausi alkoi eilen kuuden ajajan voimin. Toiminta on tänä vuonna tuotu IK-32:n alle ja ajoon on lisätty pistelasku ja välikiri. Lenkit ajetaan tänä vuonna tiistaisin klo 18. Tervetuloa kaikki mukaan!

Lisätietoa: https://ik-32.org/toiminta/harjoitukset/yhteislenkit/ewdr/

16.05.2017, 09.38
Viime viikollakin ajettiin kylmistä olosuhteista huolimatta. Tänään luvassa lyhkästen keli eli +13 ja aurinkoa, tervetuloa!

22.05.2017, 11.19
Viime viikolla mukana kauden ennätysyleisö eli 11 ajajaa. Väkeä alkaa olla sen verran että huomenna muodostetaan myös hitaampi ryhmä jonka keskinopeudeksi arvioidaan 34–35 km/h. Rohkeasti kaikki mukaan!

22.05.2017, 16.14
AP / mode tai vastaava vois varmaan päivittää otsikon vastaamaan nykyistä aikataulua^^

23.05.2017, 11.11
Title updated. Hope this works!

EDIT: nope, the title in the topics list is still the old one mentioning "Thursdays" but I don't have a "Muokka" button for the initial message. Any help?

24.05.2017, 22.36
Title updated. Hope this works!

EDIT: nope, the title in the topics list is still the old one mentioning "Thursdays" but I don't have a "Muokka" button for the initial message. Any help?
I think only forum moderator can change the title, contact them.

Last tuesday we had 2 groups (the slow one was 35,5 kmh).

30.04.2018, 09.05
EWDR ajetaan tänäkin vuonna, ensimmäinen lenkki huomenna. https://ik-32.org/toiminta/harjoitukset/yhteislenkit/ewdr/

04.06.2019, 20.22
Viime kauden EWDR oli tauolla tien remontin takia. Tänään ajettiin kauden ensimmäinen kunnon lähtö kuuden kuskin voimin. Tervetuloa mukaan uudet ja vanhat kuskit!

Jari Kulmala
27.06.2019, 21.20
Tällä viikolla mukana oli 7 ajajaa. Kärjen keskari oli n. 37 (lämmittelyosuus mukana).

10.07.2020, 09.25
Vieläkö EWDR toiminta pyörii? Kiinnostaisi ottaa nämä ohjelmaan B tai C ryhmässä. Tuohon nopeinpaan A ryhmään ei riitä millään jalka.