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Aihe: Front fork for WHITE 4 fat comp

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    Front fork for WHITE 4 fat comp

    Hello fellas,

    sorry for writing in English but the only thing I have common with Finland is my bike
    I bought WHITE 4 fat comp MD 17 in 2016 and I was happy user until last week when I crashed into a car and my front fork is damaged.

    Since in the country I live in (Poland) fat bikes are't that popular and I can't get any part for it, I thought, maybe you guys can help me out.

    I tried to find front fork in xxl.fi website but unfortunately they don't have that part. They have different though however axle is not right (my bike has 9mm axle, while other forks from WHITE have 15mm).

    My question is, is there any other way to get that fork in Finland? Maybe other shops? Websites? Anything?
    I really enjoyed riding this bike and would love to get the fork working again.

    I hope you gonna help me out.

    It's this one: http://whitebikes.com/bikes/white-4-fat-comp/


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    Is the fork tapered or straight?

    Here's one tapered possibility (Farley 5):


    For straight forks there is plenty choices in eBay.


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