Näytä tavallinen näkymä : [Happy-Ride] Helsinki 21st of June 19:00. Maunulan maja. MTB

20.06.2016, 22.26
So here's the deal!

Meeting happy bikers in the forests of Helsinki is next to impossible! Sure, you are all nice people with down to earth values etc. But asking a random person in the middle of the forest if they want to be my biking buddie, well, it hasn't played out too well so far!

And trying to navigate a forum for the perfect ride to join is far to complicated. (Yes I'm lazy, but most of all I'm crappy at Finnish!)

So hereby I invite anyone who wants to join me! I will keep doing this at least once a week, and perhaps get new friends to ride with! The idea is simple, everyone are welcome. We all ride at the speed we want, and we stop to wait for whoever is slower.
What type of riding? Well, this is Keskuspuisto, so quite technical without being deadly!

Oh if there's a better place to post riding offers like this, please let me know!

21.06.2016, 15.35
http://www.mtbcf.net/v3/ (www sivun päivitys on työn alla)